A Book to Put on Your Pre-Order List

After two brief trips, first to the Northeast Georgia mountains, followed by another to the Northwest Georgia mountains, it has been a relief to stay at home for a few days. Of course, we spent much of the time making sure we were prepared in case Hurricane Michael came our way and aren’t at all disappointed that we only experienced a few winds and a little rain. Honestly, we’ve had worse during a regular thunderstorm.

After Hurricane Matthew we have learned it’s easier to be prepared and not need it than it is to gather what you need after the hurricane has hit. Witness this photo of a small portion of what Matthew left couple of years ago:

Still, after all the travel and then the prep work of making sure our supplies were in order, the generator was working, etc., it was delightful to sit and read for a while. I had decided I wanted something a bit different. My decision was well rewarded, and it was a pleasure to relax after storm preparation with a good book. What did I think? I’m so glad you asked. Here’s my review:


I just finished The Second Goodbye by Patricia Smiley. It was an enjoyable read all the way around with engaging characters, good plotting and a satisfying conclusion. This is my first read and the third book in the Pacific Homicide series. The story is self-contained, with a few recurring characters. It is not necessary that you read the books in order, although in this one there is the beginning of a possible future relationship between Davie and one of the secondary character.

The pacing of this book is excellent, unfolding evenly, in a way that captures and maintains your interest throughout. While there are no big twists in the plot, it is enjoyable to read about good, solid detective work that “peels the onion” of a case. There is just enough tension in the book to add an extra dimension without derailing the primary focus of Davie’s investigations. While there are two concurrent investigations Davie is conducting, one is the central focus of the story while the other assists in adding depth to her character and increasing the reader’s understanding of what drives her.

This book will probably appeal to a broad range of readers. It has a strong female detective, and as such will intrigue fans of detectives such as Kinsey Millhone, protagonist in Sue Grafton’s alphabet series. It also is a strong police procedural, with emphasis on detective work and only modest amounts of blood, guts, and gore. This combination may make it more appealing to a larger audience than many hard-boiled detective series.

I’m putting this book high on a list of new novels to try. I don’t feel I missed anything by not reading the first two books in the series, but if you like reading in series, I expect you wouldn’t be disappointed starting at the first book and working your way through the series. My thanks to NetGalley and Midnight Ink Publishing for providing an advance digital copy in exchange for an unbiased review. The opinions expressed here are wholly my own.


So, there you have my opinion in a nutshell, for what it’s worth. For now, I’m going to go celebrate not being hit by a hurricane last week by starting a new book. Happy reading.