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We just got back from a short trip to the Northeast Georgia mountains with a quick stop in Atlanta to rest, rejuvenate, and meet up with an old friend. Staying in a cabin that had no internet and no television provided plenty of time to read and relax, which was a welcome respite before my busy fall starts.

I took the book Nantucket Counterfeit by Steven Axlerod with me to read while we were gone and it was a good choice. The book is one that lends itself to reading in chunks, or in whole if you have the time. There is good continuity you can get from reading for longer than a quick break here and there. I enjoyed the book, the humor of the author and the dry wit with which he writes. Overall, it was interesting enough to have me put the series on a list of future books to consider. I would probably go back to the beginning because there may be some relationship developments that occur over the series, although that isn’t at all necessary for enjoyment of the story.

So, now we’re back home and ready to return to our regular activities. Of course, that doesn’t mean I won’t be reading more books. After all, reading is one of my favorite forms of entertainment. Before I get back to it though, I thought I would post my full review of the book for you. If you’re looking for a police procedural that has some great sly wit and a more intellectual police chief who relies on his brain to solve crime and his gun only when there’s no other choice, give this one a try.


With his dry wit and occasional tongue in cheek humor, Chief Kennis, the protagonist in Nantucket Counterfeit by Steven Axlerod  takes us on his latest case of murder. This is the fifth in the series featuring Nantucket’s Chief of Police Henry Kennis and is filled with characters from the local theater company, wealthy Nantucket residents, and a few undocumented workers peppered throughout the mix. While it was my first book to read in the series, I did not feel it was necessary to read the previous ones to understand what was taking place. The murder was contained within the book and there were clues and red herrings sprinkled liberally throughout.

Following the path Chief Kennis takes is easy and completely believable, even when you both arrive at the wrong conclusion. The only thing that made me doubt the conclusion he first reached was how easy it was to get there, the clues were almost staring you in the face and as a seasoned reader of mystery novels the warning bells were ringing loud and clear that this was, indeed, too easy.  Of course, like Chief Kennis, you realize there is a reason for why the clues are so obvious. They actually make for clever plotting that leaves you feeling as if you know the chief and the perpetrator even better than you thought you did. Armed with this knowledge, you readily make the u-turn necessary to insure the correct solution.

Pacing of the book was even and measured throughout the first 80% or so. Then, it really ramps up to the end with some unexpected twists and physical challenges. Just when you are beginning to fade from the rapid pace of the final chase, it’s over and you are returned to a kinder, gentler pace and closing activities on the part of the Chief and his family. The end gives you some sweet closure while leaving you wondering what the future holds for this family and the community the chief is sworn to protect.

Thanks to NetGalley and Poisoned Pen Press for providing an advanced digital copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased opinion. This review and these opinions are entirely my own.


This is a book I would recommend to anyone who enjoys a well-plotted mystery and some humor to lighten the read. The secondary characters add a good measure of depth to the story, fleshing out the community in a well-rounded way. So, pick it up, check it out from the library, whatever your source for books and enjoy. Happy reading.


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  1. What a great review! You’re a certified book reviewer!! Well done! Makes me want to read the book!! Happy upcoming Birthday!! Celebrate and make it special!!!

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